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FI Pro Remote Control Ring

A sporty 2 button style Fi Pro Remote Control offers an intuitive way to switch between Street and Race sound profiles to experience Fi EXHAUST vibrant exhaust notes on their own terms. The remote control is lightweight, with a smooth, ergonomic design and a sporty aesthetic. It’s truly an inseparable everyday item. And Fi users can personalize a Fi Pro Remote Control Ring based on a material, color and sheen.
Aluminum Alloy rings are available in 14 distinct colors to match each user's preference. However, Forged Carbon rings offer a unique marble like texture. The distinct pattern on the forged carbon rings guarantee that no 2 sets will be the same. And the rings are available in gloss or matte sheen for those going for an understated luxury look.
Offers a DIY installation that can be done in seconds by removing the front cover, releasing the screws and assembling a new ring.