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2022 Fi EXHAUST Calendar

2022 Calendar



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Over the years Fi EXHAUST has grown internationally and connected with many car enthusiasts passionate about aftermarket modifications and making their cars sound better with a pronounced Fi EXHAUST sporty note. And in this 2022 calendar we feature some of these builds that show off personality and creativity of their owners. 

Each month features 1 unique Fi community member's car build and includes a list of modifications done to the car and quote from the car owners themselves about inspirations behind the spec and other thoughts that went into completing the build.


Featured Builds:
1. @RichardAldridge5 Mercedes-AMG C257 CLS 53 (📷 )
2. @Simonc104 LB-WORKS Lamborghini Huracan (📷 @qu1ckworks )
3. @Niko0813 LB-WORKS Nissan GT-R R35 type 1
4. @Wide0ut Prior Design FRP WIDEBODY Audi S7 Sportback
5. @fat.jin M3 F80 CS (📷 )
6. @WhyNotHoss Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (📷 @natepenickphotography )
7. @SupraWide.MK5 WIDEBODY Toyota Supra 3.0T (📷 @deborja )
8. @Cayman_Vilicich / @Fast991gt3 Porsche 991.1 GT3 (📷 @relivinap
9. @Noopl8_M8 BMW M8 F92 Coupe Competition (📷 @guywithacamera415 / @persbecktive )
10. @xiaolaoban_pi Track Focused Subaru BRZ
11. @Vinn_Winn R8 MK2 V10 RWS
12. @yrm976_ PSM Dynamic WIDEBODY M2 F87N Competition

2022 Calendar

2022 Calendar