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Frequency Intelligent Exhaust doesn’t settle for an average. And neither do our substantial and international clients. That’s why we’ve have applied the same quality standards to Fi EXHAUST Lifestyle apparel as we do for our high-tech performance exhaust systems for supercars, sports cars and performance vehicles. Therefore, if you’re passionate about cars, beautifully sound tuned frequencies and making the streets sound louder, join Fi EXHAUST Lifestyle.


Design Process

Fi EXHAUST High Quality

 To determine the perfect balance between horsepower and torque, our design team obtains data from a prototype model and uses CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to design and manufacture the exhaust system. CAD allows designers to simulate and calibrate optimal hydrodynamic models more precisely. All the CAD designs are stored in an in-depth database, which provides invaluable and critical information to continually enhance.

With the intention of making the pipeline smoother and fitter, we use the unique pipe bending machine to reduce the joints of the pipeline and will probably lower the joints issues. A 3D Laser cutting technology is used alongside this process when encountering some joints that can’t be bent. After running computer calculations cuts are made to produce joints that are close to each other and improve durability of the product.

Each set of the exhaust systems by Fi EXHAUST will go through three manual polishing procedures. During this step both inner and outer walls are polished. This reduces unevenness of the pipe wall to improve exhaust gas flow efficiency.

Valvetronic Technology

Fi EXAUST Valvetronic

 Fi Exhaust Valvetronic

The valvetronic technology allows an exhaust system to control the gas flow, sound frequency, and overall performance. This allows the sports car to have higher torque at low RPMs and even higher horsepower at higher RPMs.
Generally speaking, the exhaust valves can be activated by a remote control or the OEM button, or drive modes. Fi EXHAUST has also developed a mobile App “Fi EXHAUST Pro” for smartphones using Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. The App is easy to set up and offers more personalization options like setting up Auto Mode based on RPM/Speed/Turbo, default valve mode on the engine start up and many more features to allow a driver to get the most enjoyment out of the car.

Fi EXHAUST has always been about cutting-edge technology and ways how best it can be integrated into our products. That’s why our full and abbreviated brand name highlights "Intelligent" to guide our future efforts and keep pushing what’s possible. This also includes software development like a mobile App to pair with the hardware and improve the usage of our products.

This continuous improvement and latest technology integration has set ourselves apart from the competition and has allowed drivers to experience not only a distinctive sound note but also a smart exhaust system. Through the use of our intelligent control box and the Fi Pro App drivers can tinker with custom functions. For example, on selected car models the App can automatically detect and erase a Check Engine Light (CEL) related to the catalytic converter or customize what physical buttons do on a redesigned 2-button style remote control.

Welding Technology - Handcrafted TIG welding


We use Tungsten Inert Gas wedding, often shortened to TIG welding, technology that through the use of tungsten electrodes produces a weld. The weld areas are protected from atmospheric contamination by an inert shielding gas (Argon or Helium). A constant-current welding power supply produces an artc to melt the object and filler metal through a column of highly ionized gas and metal vaports. Although, gases needed for TIG welding process are noticeably more expensive than other welding techniques, yet it can effectively shield the surrounding atmosphere to prevent contamination, while being insoluble and having no reaction with metals. TIG welding also automatically eliminated the oxide films present on the surfaces of the welding joints. Details and finishes on the objects can be protected from the destructive effects of the atmosphere to the melted metal. A careful inspection of your welding can show the skill, experience, dedication and masterful touches performed by our welding masters. This can not only satisfy the car owners who have an appreciation for aesthetic craftsmanship, but also set a new criterion for the strength and performance of the aftermarket exhaust systems.

X-Pipe and Bending Pipe Design

Many of the OEM manufacturers adopt the Y-pipe shape that have inherent problems with exhaust pulse hesitation resulting in the loss of horsepower. However, Fi EXHAUST uses big data statistical measurement methods to develop the X-Pipe shape, that produces crisp exhaust sound or increases the exhaust efficiency and improves horsepower at high RPMs.

X-Pipe includes a special configuration design, which improves the resonance of high-pitched sound frequency. Compared with the Y-pipe from the OEM, the front end would restrain the exhaust pulses. Thus, the gas will be pushed in the tiny diameter of the pipe, and this will cause the horsepower loss. To avoid this kind of situation, with X-Pipe the gases are available to go through from the double tailpipes quickly.

Moreover, the central position configuration of X-Pipe provides plenty of space to allow the gas to accumulate in the head section, which can lead to no torque loss under low speeds. The best feature of our X-Pipe design is the ability to shorten the moving distance of exhaust gases. These three features shorten the time of the exhaust flow and enhance the quality of the exhaust.

The joints should be perfectly closed to reach 100% effectiveness out of the X-Pipe design. In addition, 3D cutting, computerized pipe bender machines, manual inspection, polishing, and welding procedures must be carried out.

The shape and design of Fi EXHAUST is a combination of science technology and craftsmanship. We are committed to making your vehicle feel and sound special!

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