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Toyota MK5 Supra Land Shark Widebody Performance Package

Toyota MK5 Supra Land Shark Widebody Performance Package

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Toyota MK5 Supra Land Shark Widebody by ZACOE Performance offers ultimate dominance on the road by it's unparalleled design. Plus the soundtrack from Fi EXHAUST, the SUPRA will define what is one of a kind.

This bundle includes:

  1. ZACOE "Land Shark "Wide Body Kit (front lips, front fenders, side skirts, rear fender and rear diffuser) Note: The carbon fiber rear wing and engine hood is NOT included in the bundle kit.

  2. Fi EXHAUST: Catback System (Compatible with factory settings to activate exhaust valves).

  3. Fi EXHAUST: Tips (Silver, Titanium Blue, Diamond Black, Gold and with Carbon Fiber).

Optional upgrades:

  1. Fi EXHAUST: Downpipes
  2. 200 Cells Downpipes
  3. Catless Downpipes


  • Fi Pro Remote Control System which allows full control over the exhaust valves. 

Information about the ZACOE Toyota Supra Land Shark Carbon Fiber Wide Body:

Feature Value
Production Time 2-3 weeks
Shipping Air Freight, shipping cost and speed is dependent on the order


Wheel and Tyre Spec Recommendations

 Wheel Spec Tyre Spec
Front 19*9.5J, ET -25 265/30/19
Rear 19*11J, ET -45 305/30/19

1. ZACOE provide the kit materials only, the kit is unpainted and without clear coat. Painting, clear coating or wrapping depending on user's requirements.
2. Due to the different regulations in countries, installing body kit may violate the road policy. This kit is suitable for track driving.
3. This is not a DIY kit, the installation should be done by professionals.
4. We will not handle any warranty claims or accept return of the part which is painted or damaged due to installation. Be sure to adjust and mark out the position for the parts before painting.
5. ZACOE is not responsible for any man-made issue caused by unprofessional installation.
6. If you have any questions about removing OEM parts, please contact with your local car dealers.
7. All works should be done on a car that is already tempered down and applying parking brake at all times. Make sure that the vehicle is securely fixed before removing the wheels.
8. Be careful when using cutters or tools, we are not responsible for any injury.
9. Production cars have slight differences on body panels due to manufacturing tolerance.
Sanding, filing and mounting the car are required when necessary.
10. This body kit is a FRP molded product, applying excessive force may damage the kit. When fixing screws and bolts, please make sure the kit is firmly in place, and also make sure each part is in the right position. Remember to fasten the screws slowly to avoid damaging the surface and displacement.
11. Please apply anti-corrosion treatment to the drilled parts on the vehicle body.
12. Make sure each part is screwed tightly in place after the installation. Please check the installed parts regularly, and retighten the parts if necessary.
13. All modifications to the vehicle may cause the invalid of the warranty, please check with the local dealer, ZACOE is not responsible for the losses in this regard, we appreciate your comprehension.

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