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Fi Hexagon Hanging Car Air Freshener

Fi Hexagon Hanging Car Air Freshener

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Fi EXHAUST hanging car air freshener eliminates unwanted car odours with an irresistible and calming smell. The smell is delivered throughout the car and creates a welcoming atmosphere for your passengers.  

Can be hung freely from a rear-view mirror, left or right levers on the steering column or wrapped around a gear shift on the center console. 


Fi Hexagon Hanging Car Air Freshener  x 1

Product dimensions:

7.3  x 6.3 cm


High density thick cotton paper, soaked and preserved in a vacuum sealing bag.

Important Warning:

  1. Air freshener should hang feely to avoid staining of any surrounding area. Do not allow contact with upholstery, plastic, painted or varnished surfaces as to avoid damaging the surface. This product contains natural spices, please avoid direct contact with any surface to avoid objects being dyed from it.  Natural spices come with colors from its ingredient, it’s natural to have spice color on the product, it does not affect the use of the product.
  2. Please hang where it does not block the driver's sight.
  3. Product contains spices and perfume, avoid direct contact if you have fragile skin.
  4. Keep away from fire.
  5. Not edible.


  1. Air fresheners are stored in vacuum sealing bags.
  2. Fragrance lasts for 20-30 days depending on the environment.
  3. Keep away from fire, direct exposure from the sun, places with high humidity and keep away from babies and children.
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