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Fi Pro Remote Control System (OBDII)

Fi Pro Remote Control System (OBDII)

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Fi EXHAST Pro Control System

Fi EXHAUST Pro Control System control system consist of intelligent control box, sporty 2 button style remote control and mobile App.

  • The mobile App scans and deletes CEL using manual or Auto scan on the engine startup.
  • Monitor real-time valve status with Fi EXHAUST Pro App’s intuitive and friendly interface.
  • Assign Auto Mode data values. Afterwards the system will intelligently detect engine RPM/Speed/Turbo Boost and turn on the valves.
  • Each remote control button can be assigned with 1 function to open/close the valves or activate Auto Mode delivering more precision in the hands of the driver.
  • The design is smooth and offers a nice grip, and the aluminum alloy ring can be customized in 14 different colors or switched to forged carbon with a unique marble like texture.




Control Box


Remote / Controller

2 button style remote control

Remote Ring Color

Classic Black

Mobile APP Functionality


Activate Auto Mode and Valves ON/OFF

Personalize Valve Settings Based on Driving Habits

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